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About Bindi 



   Bindi is a 10 year old girl who aspires to be an actress and fashion designer. She attends Pine Crest School and is in the 3rd grade. Bindi has won the pageantry title of Little Miss Florida US Nation 2018 and Jr. Miss Preteen. She is currently Little Miss Nation 2020. Bindi likes to play the violin, piano and she has a passion for theater. Bindi was inspired to begin her clothing line by Nora Marvilli from Bella Fashion Designs and Rachel Marvilli, her pageant/modeling coach. Bindi wants children & young adults from every part of the world to feel beautiful while wearing her designs. Bindi has given a unique name to each of her pieces. Bindi designs elegant clothing, resort wear and swim wear. New collection photos & content coming soon. Thank you for visiting

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